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Institutional Used Clothes

Clothing and textiles that was collected from the public or donated to an organization and then was inspected for use in a thrift store. What was not put out for resale or was placed in the store and was removed as it did not sell(stores rotate inventory after a period of time), or is not the correct season. Some may have store tags on them. It does not contain shoes. 

  • Cyntex purchases and sells mixed rags and institutional clothing from across USA and Canada.

  • Cyntex trades in tractor trailer loads, partial loads and ocean containers for export shipments.

  • Storage truck service is available as needed and issued for each load.

  • Lower grade mixed rags are also traded by Cyntex. This  typically is what leftover from a sorting operation and sells for lower prices than the normal institutional clothing and mixed rags.

Institutional Clothing.jpeg
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